Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon

Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon and Afya Bora Maisha Bora Medical Camp

The Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon is the walk of community members led by H.E. Mama Mariam Mwinyi, the First Lady of Zanzibar, to promote a healthy lifestyle, well-being, and prevention of non-communicable diseases. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the ZMBF has also started to conduct a three (3) days free community health check campaign for Zanzibar residents called “Afya Bora, Maisha Bora” medical camp which is conducted in conjunction with the Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon.

The Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon Goal


To promote a healthy lifestyle, well-being, prevention of non-communicable diseases, and create awareness of ZMBF’s strategic objectives


To attain strengthened community-led Primary Health Care quality services through accessible medical interventions to all Zanzibaris by 2025.

The Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon Objectives


To strengthen the prevention and management of emerging diseases and malnutrition


To enhance people-centered access to timely and quality health services and health education


To improve access to sexual and reproductive health and menstrual hygiene


To promote health-seeking behavior to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention of non-communicable diseases


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The First Lady has actively led communities in promoting well-being, healthy lifestyle, and prevention of non-communicable diseases in all Regions of Unguja and Pemba through the renowned end-of-the-month walk.

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Has built the capacity of 160 GBV survivors, families, and other stakeholders and 80 GBV Shehia committee members on reporting GBV cases to the authorities and following up on the GBV cases through court procedures

ZMBF seeking to achieve

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To conduct quarterly Mariam Mwinyi Walkathon in conjunction with Afya Bora Maisha Bora medical camp in a different region of Unguja or Pemba per quarter.