Dr. Mwatima Abdalla Juma

Member Of The Board Of Trustees Of ZMBF

Agricultural specialist and over 36 years of experience in the field especially in Project management enabled Dr. Mwatima to contribute strategically to the development of the Agriculture field in Tanzania.

Her areas of expertise include Agricultural/rural development projectspreparation/appraisal; institutional/organizational arrangement and implementation support and supervision. She has led Research into defined areas of agricultural production to fill knowledge gaps in the production chain; capacity of rural small-scale producers, soil fertility/productivity assessment, and rural development issues She was involved in the formulation of a sector-wide approach (SWAP), policy dialogue, networking, and linkages with other related development partners in the area of agriculture.

Dr. Mwatima has 20 years of active involvement in the development of Organic Agriculture in Tanzania, planning and implementation of smallholder projects related to rural finance, marketing, and crop/livestock production. She is also, experienced in conducting complex negotiations for multi-lateral loan agreements.