Gathering of minds and hearts!

  • August 21, 2023

Yesterday, we convened at Kaskazini A for an impactful feedback session. With the dedicated health facilities teams, including vaccinators, CHVs, and data clerks, along with the incredible ZHMT and DHMT representatives, we dove into discussions about our path forward in the realm of Covid-19 Vaccination Door-to-Door activities.

As we step into this quarter, the excitement is palpable as we’re integrating routine immunization services into our door-to-door efforts. Our collective mission: reaching our target before September’s end, even as Kaskazini A shines brightly with an 80% vaccination achievement already. Through shared experiences, we tackled challenges head-on, acknowledging the hurdles faced by both sides in ensuring top-notch data quality.

With renewed unity and enthusiasm, we’re all on the same page, eagerly embracing the future that lies ahead. Stay tuned for the remarkable journey ahead. 

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