• November 8, 2023

Date: 07/11/2023

Today marked the commencement of nutrition, maternal and child health, and health promotion training for 90 CHV/W, 42 in the North B District Unguja and 48 in the Wete District Pemba. Dr. Salim Slim, the Deputy Director of Prevention and Health Education, officially opened the training, signaling the promising start of the Nutrition project. This initiative aims to identify children with nutrition challenges and support pregnant mothers by providing education and referrals for comprehensive health services.

The training session kicked off at the Mkwajuni Tc hall and is scheduled to run for 8 days. Organized by the Benjamin Mkapa Foundation in collaboration with the Zanzibar Maisha Bora Foundation, these sessions are designed to empower community health volunteers and workers. Stay tuned for updates on the positive impact of this essential training on our communities.

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